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Mike's Island


November 11, 2006:

WOW COOL STORM… but nice and warm in our rain forest cottage.  Great waves at Chesterman for a fun day of body boarding on Sunday.  Perfect setting for a F.B. reunion.


R, W & C.  P&K.  G, J, J & J.


November 1-22, 2006:

Thank you for the accommodations, they were beautiful, hope we can visit again. 




November 26, 2006:

Fabulous cabin.  We loved every minute here.  Looking forward to the next time!




 Vancouver, BC


January 1-3, 2007:

Enjoyed the cabin.

We had a great time.

Loved the boardwalk, dream cabin and trail to the beach.

Beautiful shell counter upstairs and comfy stay.

West Coast Home! Great Place!

Mike you did good!


A&R. B&A

-Kelowna, BC

A, L &D.

-Victoria, BC


January 4-6, 2007:

A very beautiful place, very comfortable and enjoyed the décor.  Love the skylights, great to watch the weather changes – hail, rain, wind and stars! A very peaceful get-a-way.  Highly recommend it.


M&S family

-Vancouver, BC


February 17-18, 2007:

West coast weather, west coast hospitality, and west coast décor. A wonderful home.  We are sure to return.



-Campbell River, BC


February 20-22, 2007:

This is a very nice place I’ve enjoyed my stay here.





I agree! A wonderful cabin with wonderful surroundings. Hopefully we can come again someday.



Svaskyla, Finland


March 19-22, 2007:

Thanks so much! A wonderful stay in a beautiful home.



March 29- April 1, 2007:

Thanks so much we had a great time!




April 5-8, 2007:

Janice ands Mike!

This place is amazing and magical.  We’ve enjoyed staying here immensely and hope to return soon!


M&D H, J&N C.


April 13, 2007:

We enjoyed a lovely Easter Holiday and even got a few days of sunshine!

Be well Janice and Mike




-Jasper, AB


May 15-21, 2007:

Lieber Mike + Liebe Janice.  Mir haben in Tofino vor allem die Tiere sejallen.  Jch habe Schuarzbäen gesehan und Du Janice hast mir die Waschbären und Deine Katzen je zeist. Das Laserfeuer war klasse und inch habe Dich sehr lieb.

Gruß aus Deutschlānd Dein Fernando.  5 jahre alt.


May 25, 2007:

Janice and Mike,

Thank you, so much for sharing your magical cottage with us.  This place has been the perfect ‘home’ for us while we are on our honeymoon. We’ve loved every minute here!! Thank you so much!


M&K S.


May 28, 2007:

Janice and Mike,

Thanks for fitting us in on such short notice!!  Sorry we missed you.  Next time.  Really enjoyed what you are creating here amongst the cedars.  :o)

We found bliss on the island and your cottage was a part of it, and in two short days  yet!




May 31, 2007:

This house is amazing.  Thank you for your hospitality.  It was a great stay.



June 8, 2007:

Janice and Mike,

We really enjoyed our stay.  You have an awesome place.  Thanks so much for squeezing us in.  It really made us feel at home!




-Virginia, U.S.A.


June 12, 2007:

A beautiful spot, a lovely place to stay, a great family vacation.  Many thanks.


G. (family)


-Texas, U.S.A.


June 15-18, 2007:

What a marvelous place to stay.  Thank you.

M –“I see bears”

We loved the setting in the trees – felt secluded.


R,G,M & B

-Victoria, BC



-New Zealand


June 19-23, 2007:

Lovely cabin with fabulous amenities… but the real beauty is the quite!

Countryside and crystal clear air with all the verdant life around us.  We had a great time; the sea life is mind-boggling.


ED & R

-Ottawa, Ont.


S & T

-Vancouver, BC


June 24 - 29, 2007:

Wonderful holiday.  Beautiful setting and so good to meet Christine’s Janice, N. and last but not least M.  We enjoyed so many wonderful (again0 and different experiences.


J & M

-Portland, OR, U.S.A.

(on holidays with)


R&C Mc.



June 29, 2007:

Great to be back again!


-Calgary, AB & Victoria, BC Canada & England.


July 5-6, 2007:

Since I live in the desert country of UAE.  It has been a delight to spend time with my family (gathered from the UK, US and Canada) in such beautiful surroundings.  My grand daughter particularly loved the wonderful garden – a magical place.  Bear watching, biking and just wondering around.  Hopefully we will get the opportunity to return to this superb place.  My son could not have chosen a more lovely place for his beach wedding - The purpose of our trip.


SN and family.


July 6-8, 2007:

We had an exhilarating, peaceful experience being here.  Our daughter got married here and you were quite helpful w/ the flowers and things. -A blissful time. Indeed a pleasure being here.  The house and surroundings are so nice, a private paradise.





July 10-13, 2007:

Janice and Michael,

You have made such a fabulous vacation spot at Thigh-na.  The woodwork, landscaping, shell bathroom, home décor-  All create such a warm peaceful abode.  Your hospitality and kindness top it all off.  As I now know that Tigh-na is Gaelic, I can think of nothing more than my thought while sitting at the mudflats shortly after sunrise watching the birds and crab boats – “Is saol breá é”


J,C,C,S,K & B M

-Texas, U.S.A.


July 10-13, 2007:

Thank you for a wonderful holiday and gracious hospitality in this spectacular corner of the world. Roasting marshmallows along the shore line to Sobo’s, fresh crab and weather usually only dreamed about. –Great!



-Victoria, BC


July 13-16, 2007:

What a lovely comfortable well equipped cottage, with tones of ‘personality’ !

Elegant; in an unpretentious way …!

We truly enjoyed our stay here!


M. –Holland

M. –Australia

R,K K. –Houston, Texas, U.S.A.


July 16-17, 2007:

It was very comfortable to be here.

Thank you,





July 20, 2007:

Thank you.  A lovely place.  Restful and homey.  We loved the beaches around Tofino, Schooner’s Cove walk- Mackenzie.  We’d come back.


L, B and the girls

Ontario, Canada. 


July 21, 2007:

Thanks for a lovely stay.  I found it very comfortable.    :o)

I would come back.


A,R & B

-Sidney, BC and Wales


July 21, 2007:

Thank you so much for making my stay here a comfortable and homely.  This is a beautiful house and I would defiantly come back.  Thanks





July 21, 2007:

Father Bear loved the house!  Slept well in the funky upstairs bed.  Next tie we’re in Tofino, we’ll be back! Thanks!



Sidney, BC


July 27, 2007:

Thank you all very much for letting us stay in your amazing home!  The surroundings were beautiful, and being by the ocean was just enchanting!  If we’re ever back here in Tofino – I hope we can come back! We all loved it!


Thank you for letting us stay at your home, it was fantastic!  It was also comfortable and clean!


D,S,K & N V.

-Calgary, Alberta


July 29, 2007:


We enjoyed staying here. Nice place.



Had a wonderful time!



Beautiful place, but as is the best of Vancouver Island, but why is Tofino so bloody expensive?!



We had lots of fun!

The house was awesome all of us had a great time, have great summer.


The M. Family.

You guys have one of the nicest houses we saw in our lives!! :o)

The C. Family


-Alberta, Canada


August 10, 2007:

We had a wonderful stay.  Fabulous beds!

Yes, your home is beautiful.  The house itself is a piece of art and is surrounded by Nature’s Beauty! Speechless…


The C. family


August 12-15, 2007:

This is friggin awesome your friggin sweet.  I wish I was married to you!! Im the sexiest guy in the house give me a call sometime.


I love your house, it is dope.


Thank you Janice,

The stay was wonderful.


M,J,J and 4 crazy teens!! :o)


August 15-18, 2007:

Tigh-na Clayqout is a fabulous home away from home!  You have brought the west coast inside and it’s just wonderful to look out the big windows and have Robert Bateman come to life.  Your gardens are also a work of art- great ideas (The only thing missing is an electric kettle, would make life easier). We had a great holiday and look forward to being able to return.

(the racoon’s and the bear were a fun touch)


The C. Family –Victoria, BC

 The S. Family –Edmonton, AB

The R. Family –Victoia, BC


August 18-25, 2007:

Thank you, we had a great time.  We loved the crabs, the bears and the whales.  We made nice walks and went kite flying on the beach.  Unfortunately this is the end of our holiday.  Bye for now.


P&C F.



August 25 -Sept 1, 2007:

We had a fabulous time.  Next time we’ll rent wet-suits for longer.  CoxBay looks great!


The H. Family

-Bellingham, WA, U.S.A.


What a lovely stay and a most memorable way to spend my 47th birthday.  We watched the girls surf!  Love the area too, it’s so beautiful!  My birthday cake from Sweet T’s was so delicious!


Thanks for helping us with the cake! It was delicious mmm. And the bottle of wine was a great touch. Xo


C,D-A,F,J & L


September 7, 2007:

Thanks for renting us your wonderful west coast decorated home.  If we could have, we would have stayed much longer.  Tofino is unforgettable, as is the rest of the island.  So many friendly people.  Thanks again



-Alberta, Canada


September 9-15, 2007:

What a fabulous way to spend our honeymoon!  Beautiful scenery, delicious food and friendly people, we loved it here.  Thank you Janice for letting us rent your beautiful house and the extra touches that made it even more special.

M&W W.


-Rocky Mountain House, AB


September 23, 2007:

Tyan you for such a fantastic stay-  Our weekend couldn’t have been better.  We will be back!

S,R,L &A


September 30, 2007:

Yes… we had a grand ‘ol time… we got’er done!

Food, surf, and sun…and rain!

Wow! What a trip!  This place is better than we could have imaged.  We’ll definitely be back.  First of many surf trips to come.  Thanks for everything!




Hi Guys

Its me again. Just wanna say Hi, thanks for everything, had fun getting r’ done


J. Jr.  ps. Where are the clams _ _ _ _ _ _?


October 3-8, 2007:

This great house is beautiful! Being here with family of the bride and groom, for the most beautiful wedding in Tofino.  We enjoyed the nature of the area, and the beach.  People are very friendly.

The guests from Ontario of the family.


E&S V.


October 9-16, 2007:

Your cozy, well appointed cabin was a fantastic home base.  Loved exploring the beaches trails and islands around Tofino!  We had an amazing 5 days of sun and cool breezes – what a treat!  This was a perfect get-a-way for our little family and a wonderful meeting place with  our friends from Port Alberni.  Thanks for your warm hospitality.  We love this place and will come back.




October 23-26, 2007:

Janice and Mike,

The cabin is amazing and beautiful! :o)

We wish we could stay for longer.  Our son loved the beach.  We lucked out on great weather.  We will be coming back for sure and will let all our friends know of this great place.  Thanks for everything :o)


E & R


November 9-12, 2007:

We all enjoyed our stay in your beautiful place!  Great location and cozy place to come back to from the beach.  We had an amazing time.  Thanks for your hospitality.


E,L&C and K,K,C &R


November 17-19, 2007:

What a fabulous place you have here.  This was the perfect arrangement for two families!  We also really appreciate all the lovely west coast detail in the entrance and with the furniture.  We surfed, played and had a great time.  A wonderful place, lovely design inside.  Tofino is a fabulous place to play.  Thanks!


K,N,R &T

July 9, 2006:

A lovely visit.  We loved being in the trees with Janice’s lovely landscaping to enjoy.  The visual details around the house are so unique and wonderful.  The house has all the conveniences but is still simple.  We relaxed, hiked, kayaked, played games, and watched world cup matches. 



P, J. K. D, & D

Norforlk VA and Rockhill, SC


Great Place!



July 9/10, 2006:

Much love and blessings for sharing your gorgeous cottage!  Our stay was amazing.


H, J, H, & R


July 16, 2006:

My granddaughter also made her comments about a nice holiday here in Tofino.  Sorry for Cassandra.


Her Grandfather.


July 16, 2006:

Thank you for a fantastic holiday here in Tofino in your gorgeous cottage.  We have enjoyed bear watching, whale watching and the hot springs. 


Best regards from

E & E. C.

Graasten, Denmark


July 18, 2006:


If anyone would ask me where our best holiday has been – our answer would be TIGH-NA-CLAYOQUOT, Tofino.  Your house and surroundings were more than we could ever dream of.  And we were lucky on all our trips which were  Bear Watching in the rain, Whale  watching – we recommend “Jamie”, and a beautiful trip to the Hot Springs where we saw four grey whales. 


Living here must be the closest place on Earth to Heaven.  Written from a person who has travelled a lot around the world..  Your family house is good for children.


Family of 6 from Denmark



July 23, 2006:

Thank you so much for making our holiday so enjoyable – a beautiful place – so charming and peaceful.    Will see you again in September with our friends from Germany!!


W & W. S.


July 25, 2006:

A lovely retreat from the heat of Vancouver.  The girls loved the beach and the berries encountered along the little winding path.  We had a fantastic surf lesson, a delicious barbecue on the patio and cards until bed.  We will definitely be back!

Thanks so much.


A, J, R, P, & F


July 25 – 28, 2006:

We had a lovely holiday at your cottage and loved it here.  We have seen bears, whales, and other wildlife.  We had great meals, especially at Sobo (but you need to get there early to get a table).  We shall be sure to return to Canada.


The T’s

Bedienham, England.


August 2, 2006:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful cabin with us.  Our family really enjoyed our time in Tofino and we had three days of beautiful, sunny weather.  The surf was perfect!


The R. Family

Abbotsford, B.C.


August 1-8, 2006:

Wonderful time – beautiful area and home.  Nice weather all week. 

Thanks for sharing this area with us.


The A. Family

Cochrane, AB


August 10, 2006:

What a wonderful cottage in a beautiful location.  We had a fantastic time during our stay here, great barbeques and late night trivial pursuit games!! 


Thanks for making our stay so lovely.


D. Calgary AB

F. Victoria, BC

S, B, & L.  Manchester UK


August 10, 2006:

Excellent site and very comfortable. 

Highly recommend this place to anyone.


F.W.  Victoria BC


August 12, 2006:

Kirsten – very comforting

Julian – very good except little sister

Meg – me no sleep, but I had a great time. 

Great little house, love the woody décor!  Sorry the kids ended up with so much room.  What a beautiful house!  We really enjoyed the space and all the great features. 

Hope to be back soon!


J, R., J, & M.   Victoria BC

M,T, D, & K   Rycroft, AB


Thank you for the holiday in your beautiful house.  We have had a great time in Tofino.  Seen whales, bears, eagles, and raccoons.  All things we don’t see at home.  It would be nice to come back one day.


B & C.B.

Doncaster, England.


August , 2006:

Really great – loved the house, gardens, and beautiful woodland setting.   I want to take all the driftwood home!!


C & C.  UK


Thanks – a great family get together.


Great time – wonderful house.  Thank you.


September 1, 2006:

We have had a wonderful 5 days here.  What a great retreat in the woods.  Sunshine, sandy beaches, orca sightings, and relaxation. 

Thank you!


P & A.

West Yorkshire, England


September 4, 2006:

Thank you so much.  We’ve had a lovely time with perfect weather.  We were very comfortable in your beautiful cottage!  Hope to come again sometime!


C, A. J. & B.

Duncan, B.C.


September 6, 2006:

We had a wonderful time. 


Thank you Janice and Mike

from K., T., A., and S.


P.S.  We.hope to come again to walk on Long Beach, spot a black bear, and visit family historical sites (WW II and Airport road area).


September 10, 2006:

Thanks for this comfortable house, lovely forest, garden, and your welcome when things could have been a lot “tougher”.  I hope to visit again next year.


S, B. S & R. G., HH and friends.

 West Vancouver, B.C.


Have a good winter in your new house – Sue.


September 12, 2006:

We so enjoyed our short, but very restful time in your lovely cottage.  We tok your advice and walked the beach to the Gardens and had a fantastic lunch at Sobo, enjoyed hiking on the path into town, and had an invigorating walk on Chesterman Beach.  Our visit was too short.  Hope to come back again and stay longer.


Thank you.


J & K. S.

Portland, Oregon.


September 14, 2006:

Thanks.  Enjoyed your lovely cottage.




Duncan, B.C.


September 19, 2006:

We had the most wonderful visit to Tofino!  Your bright and lovely cottage was a real treat, both on the sunny days and the tremendously stormy days – all beautiful in every way!  What a beautiful part of the work to explore.


A & J.

Seattle, WA


September 22, 2006:

…so here we are…thanks to Wendy & Wayne for taking us here to this lovely place!  We enjoyed it soooo much!  What an unbelievable view it has.  So if we be in Canada again to come again it’s “a must”.


C & K.



September 24, 2006:

Thank you for your hospitality!  It was just a wonderful time!


A, K. & D.



September 24, 2006:

How great to find such wonderful accommodations on our first trip to Vancouver Island, and to be made so welcome by Janice & Mike.


Many thanks.


V & M. S.

Tarevanga, New Zealand.


September 25, 2006:

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and your welcoming home.  You guys have put a lot of time and effort into designing such a wonderful home. 


All the very best


B & K. S. 

New Zealand/Victoria, BC



Delightful accommodations.


J. J. from Lake Louise.


October 8, 2006: 

Thanksgiving in Tofino!  The five of us took a jump across the Island – twisting along the road from Port  Alberni and spilling out onto the flats at the Ucluelet/Tofino turnoff.  This was a good place to be.  It had been five years since we had been here and the changes in the village are truly surprising.  The kids got out to surf and we all put together a big dinner. 


Thank you for building this place.


J,M,E,S, & C

Salt Spring Island, B.C.